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My only limit is my imagination



The thoughts of a freelance writer and graphic designer,

or as they say nowadays digital creative, are never easy to summarize in a few lines. My world is in constant evolution but two are the pillars on which it is based: versatility and creativity. Over the years these two passions have grown to such an extent that today there are no clear lines. The personality of a graphic designer and writer are constantly merging and splitting following the evolving logic of the digital world.

Born and raised for the world,

my education helped me to combine the need for continuous mental stimulation and a genuine curiosity for foreign cultures. This unique combination has fueled my predisposition for communication and the output of ideas and concepts in original ways.


I’ve been drawing since

I was able to hold a pencil and the personal computer was one of my first board games. What started as a simple hobby in adulthood has turned into a real job and today, I have more than 15 years of experience in video animation and digital graphics.

The love for writing was born much later. A drizzly afternoon unwrapping one of my graduation gifts: a computer, of course!

The blank page of the text program “bewitched” me and like a painter with his beloved blank canvas, I started painting. After a few lines, the prologue of On the Edge of Dusk had come to life and from that day Cristopher Lancaster and all the other characters of the saga began to be part of my life.



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