The debut volume of a captivating dark urban fantasy saga capable of immersing you in a world of witches, black cats, superstitions, and pulse-pounding adventures, crafted by Amina Havet.

  • GENRE: Dark Urban Fantasy
  • CATEGORY: Young Adult (YA)
  • BLURB: Here
  • EDITION: 2023
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  • BOOK SERIES: 1 of 3
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Cristopher Lancaster cacciatore saga dark urban fantasy Sull'Orlo del Vespro Amina Havet

 Year 1315 – Dourdan, France.

Who’s afraid of witches?

This is the question Cristopher Lancaster asked himself one night when he recognized the Duke of Dourdan’s wife in the woods. Believing her to be in distress, Cristopher attempts to approach her, only to make a startling discovery: Calliope, his liege’s wife, is a witch.

To prevent her from revealing his secret, Calliope tries to kill him, but something goes awry, and Cristopher finds himself leading a double life: by day in the form of a black cat, by night in his human shape.

As centuries pass, Cristopher believes he has vanished without a trace, until two indigo eyes turn his world and beliefs upside down…

To save the people he loves, Cristopher must make a choice: confront the witch who cursed him or continue to hide among the folds of time to escape her?

Suddenly the suffering ceased as it had come.

Cristopher was still breathing hard and his temples were pulsing vigorously. He was on the ground, or so he thought, although he felt he was standing upright on his legs.

The first light of dawn came sneaking in through the window. Adrien’s gaze was locked on him. Cristopher dared a few steps to get closer, but his brother suddenly pulled back. He had a glazed look. He stood for a few moments analyzing his reaction when he noticed his shadow on the floor and the long black tail stroking his paws.

Cristopher Lancaster gatto saga dark urban fantasy Sull'Orlo del Vespro Amina Havet


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